Final Candidates for EFF Election Revealed

The final four candidates for the Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) presidential and Executive Committee election have been confirmed after a last round reviewing by the Appeal Committee. The Appeal Committee cleared Tesfaye Kahesaye to stand polls comes June 3.

The Electoral Committee of EFF cleared 3 presidential and 22 ExCo candidates for the election nevertheless the Appeal Committee have accepted the complaint filed by Tesfaye. Tesfaye, who happened to get endorsement from the Tigray Regional State Football Federation, was denied a place initially but the Appeal Committee ruled the reasons being forwarded by the regional state FF was not persuasive. The Tigray FF last Monday revoked the candidature of Tesfaye without giving any explanation. Now that Tesfaye is cleared to stand polls a total of four presidential aspirants are vying for the control of EFF.

The Appeal Committee failed to give clearance to the two Engineers Tsedeke Yihune and Choul Beil. The Committee has deemed the two presidential candidates unfit to stand polls. Both got endorsement from Addis Ababa Football Federation and Gambella Regional State Football Federation. The Federations reportedly threatened to take the matter to FIFA.

Current EFF incumbent Juneidi Basha is seeking for a second term alongside former EFF vice president Teka Assefaw, Jimma Aba Jifar FC general manager Esayas Jira and the ex-Ethiopia Bunna board member Tesaye. Former Ethiopian national team coaches Asrat Haile, Sewnet Bishaw and Dedebit FC founder Colonel Awol Abdurahim are also in the mix. Sofia Almamu is the only woman candidate in the ExCo membership election.

Yoseph Tesfaye, Abebe Gelagaye Alimira Mohammed and Zerihun Qeqebo are running for a second term at the ExCo.

Candidates for the Presidential Election
Esayas Jira
Juneidi Basha
Tesfaye Kahesaye
Teka Assefaw

Candidates for the Executive Committee Election

Abebe Gelagaye
Yoseph Tesfaye
Alimira Mohammed
Zerihun Qeqebo
Sewnet Bishaw
Abdurazak Hassan
Kamal Hussein
Asrat Haile
Colonel Awol Abdurahim
Dr. Sirak H/Mariam
Wondaweke Abaze
Ochala Ujulu
Sofia Almamu
Ibrahim Mohammed
Woldegebriel Mezgebu
Eng. Haileeyesus Fisseha
Murad Abdi
Tesfaye Omega
Dr. Chan Gatkot
Dr. Wogene Walteniguse
Dagim Melash
Dr. Haile Iticha