EFF to introduce Salary Cap

The Ethiopian football federation/EFF/ in collaboration with the Ethiopian sports commission has today held a meeting with Ethiopian premier league club officials and Regional football federation representatives about introducing salary caps for the premier league clubs to tackle the ever-growing cash influx, which is becoming a serious concern for Ethiopian clubs each year.

Increasing transfer fee for players has been an alarming issue for clubs as were struggling year in year out leading them in failing to pay players monthly salary on time causing controversies.

From the 16 premier league sides 12 clubs were in attendance and also representatives from Coaching and players association were also present, after a research proposal was presented by the EFF club licensing manager Tedla Dangachew the stakeholders were divided into 4 groups to further enhance ideas about the proposed salary cap.

After that, each group presented their say about why the quest of the salary cap, challenges ahead and alternative ideas were discussed after that finally a vote was conducted to settle the issue.

All clubs were in support of the proposed salary cap while from the 12 clubs representative present 10 clubs were in favor of the 50,000ETB (1,687 USD) gross salary.

The 1,687 USD salary cap will be in the act as of today and clubs and players who have contracts with their club will have to terminate their previous contract and sign a new one in the coming days.

It was also indicated that the number of foreign players currently being 5 may be reduced to two or three as of this transfer window.

Set of Regulations that will put in place today’s decision will be formulated by the EFF in the coming days.