A new league format on the horizon

The Ethiopian Football Federation is set to introduce a new league format of 24 teams as of the next season for Ethiopia’s top tier; the new format will see 24 teams clustered in two groups of 12 in round-robin battling it out for the honor of being crowned Ethiopian champions.

The proposals came after immense pressure from league’s elite clubs who were tempting to boycott from the National league and were on the brink of forming a new tournament of their own under the leadership of the Addis Ababa Football Federation (AAFF).

In a news statement released from the Ethiopian Football Federation a few hours ago disclosed that eligible teams to take part in the new league format to be;
1. All the 16 teams that were in action in the previous premier league season of 2018/19
2. All the 3 newly promoted sides from the higher league.
3. Three teams that who finished as runners up in the higher league.
4. Two teams with the highest points from the 3 teams that finished 3rd in the higher league.

The 24 teams will be separated into two groups; the grouping will be done by the League Committee and will be forwarded to the teams soon.

In recent months the Addis Ababa Football Federation (AAFF) was proposing a new alternative league format labeled by them to be a cost-friendly and peaceful as opposed to the current 16 team’s national league format where regional competitions among the 9 regions and 2 City administrations will be held separately and then top sides from each will go into a knockout tournament.

With the onset of the league yet unknown promotion and relegation from the League and other preconditions need to be settled soon.