Administrative Blunder Puts Adama Ketema as Premier League New Leaders

The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has fined Sidama Bunna for fielding a suspended player during a week 24 game in Yirgalem. Sidama Bunna’s win over Adama Ketema is now nullified.

Sidama Bunna pip Adama Ketema 1-0 at home in round 24 of the Ethiopian Premier League; nevertheless, Adama filed a complaint following the goal scorer Addis Gidey, who should have been suspended after receiving five yellow cards from the previous rounds, started the game. EFF handed three points and goals to Adama Ketema as the club takes the top spot from Jimma Aba Jifar to make things at the summit a bit tighter.

The administrative mistake did not only make Adama Ketema the new league leaders but now Sidama Bunna are closer to the relegation zone after the three points they have got from Adama is now deducted. Adama Ketema, Jimma Aba Jifar, Mekele Ketema, Kidus Giorgis and Ethiopia Bunna are vying for the league title this season.

Meanwhile, EFF rescheduled the week 26 game between Mekelakeya and Jimma Aba Jifar to Tuesday. The Federation has reasoned out the recent fans violence that occurred in Jimma Stadium for receshuling the game. Kidus Giorgis fans were attacked in Jimma and EFF stressed pitting the two club fans in the same stadium on the same matchday will cause further problems. Nonetheless, Ethiopia Bunna, who are playing Adama Ketema on Tuesday, has stated they won’t accept the change in schedules of the games.

Week 26 Fixtures

Monday, June 11/2018
10:00 – Mekele Ketema vs. Fasil Ketema (AA)
3:00 – Ethio-Electric vs. Hawassa Ketema (AA)
3:00 – Wolwalo Adigrat University vs. Dedebit (Adigrat)
3:00 – ArbaMinch Ketema vs. Wolaitta Dicha (Arbaminch)
3:00 – Sidama Bunna vs. Dire Dawa Ketema (Hawassa)
5:30 – Kidus Giorgis vs. Woldia SC (

Tuesday, June 12/2018
3:00 – Ethiopia Bunna vs. Adama Ketema
6:00 – Mekelakeya vs. Jimma Aba Jifar