Ethiopian Football Federation’s Presidential and Executive Committee Elections Postponed Once Again!

On Monday, Football’s governing body,FIFA, sent a letter to Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) about the election process. FIFA noted its concern over governmental intervention in the proceedings. Add that to the already present problems of clear violations of the FIFA guidelines and that results in the Election being postponed for a 3rd time.

On Wednesday EFF sent an e-mail to Soccer Ethiopia which states the election will now take place on March 3 instead of January 13. If there is one thing that hasn’t changed is the venue which is still Semera, Afar.

The personal disagreements and quarrels between the candidates are still going on. While the country’s football is on a downward spiral the people who were supposed to address the problems can’t even properly undertake an election. The people who labelled themselves as the saviour of Ethiopian football are bickering like a couple of nursery students whose home room teacher has just stepped outside.

This incompetence and unprofessional demeanour can no longer go unabated. While the election lingers on the national team is still without a manager, league games are being postponed because of fear of fan violence etc…

It seems that all the candidates care about now is how to climb that ladder to power. Will they solve the problems? Will they bring in new ideas? Those are questions that are being overlooked.

While the candidates keep fighting for personal gain the country’s football keeps suffering. The election drama continues and sadly it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. At this rate don’t be surprised if the election gets postponed once again. It is infuriating as it is tiring.

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