“We can only achieve our goals when everyone is willing to work together” newly elected EFF president Esayas Jira

Esayas Jira was elected the new Ethiopian Football Federation president on Sunday, 3rd of June, in an elective General Assembly held at Semera, Afar. Esayas spoke to Soccer Ethiopia Radio show on 102.9 Abay FM this past Monday. Here are some of the words that the newly elected president has said.

The Electoral Process

“There were gaps in the election process and especially regarding the chairman of the electoral committee.”

“The second election should have resumed immediately. The fact that lunch break was taken was a wrong decision as it opens the door for corrupt activities.”

Boycotting Claims

“Some reports from the media suggesting that we were ready to boycott the election were wrong and it has put pressure on my supporters.”

“The election was democratic. The problem was in relation to the electoral code and that was the fault of the Chairman of the Electoral Committee.”

What’s next for EFF?

“I am ready to work with people who both voted for me and didn’t. I will see every member of the assembly equally. There won’t be a problem in that regard. I am ready to work with everyone.”

“We can only achieve our goals when everyone is willing to work together. It doesn’t matter how qualified or experienced the elected members are, if we don’t work as a team.”

“We will try to use qualified personnel for every department and activity. As long as we work as a team there will not be any room for people who wish to pursue their personal desires.”