Kassaye joins Ethiopia Bunna after 15 years

Kassaye Aragie who agreed to train Ethiopia Bunna a few months ago has yesterday officially been presented as the new Ethiopia Bunna trainer for the coming 4 years in a press conference held at the Intercontinental hotel.

Kassaye who was a player of the iconic Ethiopia Bunna side from 1987-2002 and was in charge of the team briefly after he hangs up his boot in 2002. He was Ethiopia Bunna head coach from 2003 till mid-season of 2004 creating that breathtaking team with their possession-based offensive brand of football renowned to be “GK”, in his short spell with the Coffee makers won the Ethiopian cup in 2003. After his departure from Ethiopia Bunna, he also worked a team called “Tesfa Le Ethiopia” but shortly after that, he went to America.

Club’s president Fekade Mamo, Club’s Manager Sintayehu Bekele, Club’s Supporters Association President Kifle Amare accompanied Kassaye in the press conference that lasted two hours.

Fekade Mamo in his opening speech stated that Kassaye has been one of the best players the club has produced in its 4 decade history and also highlighted that the club was used to be trained by foreigners for the past 4 years but following the launch of the newly formed technical advisory team the decision to move back to local trainers was imminent and the technic staff’s recommendation was Kassaye.

The Clubs supporters association president Kifle Amare also passed a message to the new trainer on behalf of the Clubs supporters Kifle said,” Kassaye has established a good name for himself in his short spell coaching the senior team with his short passing game which was an influential pull factor for turning so many people to the stadiums in support of the team. But lately after those dreadful years the clubs supporters were questioning for the return of Kassaye, I would like to thank the club officials for responding to the supporter’s question.

After the opening speech, Kassaye Aragie and Club’s Chairman Sintayehu Bekele officially penned a deal that would keep him at the club for the coming 4 years, and then the Clubs President awarded Kassaye with the historic shirt of the team worn in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Some of the contract details as disclosed by the club’s President:

• The span of the contract is 4 years
• The previous provision which states that every trainer would prematurely end his contract with the club if the team was to lose four consecutive matches has been suspended for his debut season.
• Starting from the second year on the team is expected to finish in between 1st up to 3rd only, a finish other that is unacceptable.
• The head coach will assess the activities of the clubs development teams and is expected to develop a training program for them.
• The trainer will also assess the clubs youth development programs launched in Wenji and Hawassa.
• No foreign import in the team’s roster as of this season
• The salary will be paid in dollars with a fixed exchange rate of August 7
Kassaye Aragie also reflected on some issues raised by journalists.

“I would like to thank all those who made it possible for me to train this club where I played most of my playing career and previously trained for a year.

“As we previously agreed I would be here after the league was over so I nominated people who can work on behalf of me on recruiting new players for the upcoming season. So the new arrivals to the team were done by those guys whom I nominated meaning that the new arrivals are of my consent so I will be fully responsible for them.

“There are currently few players under contract, so as soon as we commence our preseason preparation I would choose those who can fit my system and those to be released. so we will try our best to do so in a short period of time. I will try my best to proceed in a manner where the players will not be harmed and also I want to make clear that someone who can’t fit our system may fit others coach way of playing so that’s shouldn’t be the case at all.

“I want to have a serious chat with coaches currently working in the team and I want those who are in favor of our idea to continue working with us here.

“Football is a process in this process there are some things which would develop, The main thing is that the players back then and now are more or less the same so the basic principles in my previous time here would more or less be the same. Maybe after we perceive the potential of the players we may look for alternatives.”

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