The 24 teams taking part in the new top-flight league

The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) has today officially unveiled its pledge of introducing a new league format where 24 teams will be clustered into two groups of 12 as of the next season.

With the ham-fisted attempt by the EFF taking many by surprise, the EFF hasn’t yet revealed the 24 teams taking part but according to the past season results, the complete list of teams taking part in the new league are expected to be as follow.

The newly relegated Dedebit, Debub Police and Mekelakeya have got a lifeline as they are set to continue in the top tier and also Kidus Giorgis (St. George) who forfeited the last 3 games of the previous season was expected to serve a punishment of being thrown in to the higher league but that has been overturned and they are also set to continue in the league.

The newly-promoted Wolkite Ketema, Sebeta Ketema, and Hadiya Hossana have already booked their place in the top tier meanwhile Ethiopia Medhin, Legetafo Legedadi and Arbaminch Ketema are surprisingly made it to the top tier following their 2nd place finish in their respective groups.

Last but no list from the 3rd placed finishers Ethio Electric (32 points), Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation/ECWC/ (37 points), Nekemte Ketema (35 points), ECWC and first-timers Nekemte Ketema are also expected to be included in the new format.

As Soccer Ethiopia understands the new season will be kicking off in November.

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