Ethiopian Premier League suspended indefinitely

The Ethiopian Football Federation has today officially suspended the Ethiopian Premier League matches indefinitely after days of controversies.

The match between Ethiopia Bunna and Mekelle 70 Enderta which was first scheduled to be held on June 1/2019 at the Addis Ababa Stadium was canceled minutes prior to the match due to security concerns. The decision exhibited mixed emotions from both sides, The two clubs dispute started last season and was intensified when the two sides meet at the Tigray international stadium this season.

On Monday morning the Federation decided to play the match at Adama behind closed doors, Ethiopia Bunna refused to accept the decision and came out and expressed boldly that they will not play behind closed doors away from their home in a press conference held at Wabi Shebelle Hotel in the afternoon and also stated that if the decision is not reverted they will be obliged to take the case into CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport)

Following a series exchange of letters the EFF executive committee with the absence of the president and his deputy who are in Paris to attend the annual FIFA Congress decided to cancel the match between Ethiopia Bunna and Mekelle 70 Enderta which was rescheduled for tomorrow at the Adama Stadium behind closed doors and also all 28-th week fixtures were canceled and the Premier League will be suspended indefinitely.

The Ethiopian Football Federation Executive Committee urgent meetings verdict were as follow: 

1st. the previous decision of playing the match between Ethiopia Bunna and Mekelle 70 Enderta in neutral venue behind closed doors has been canceled.

2nd. in order for remaining Premier League fixtures to be held concurrently, until a meeting between Clubs and other relevant stakeholders conducted the Premier League to be suspended indefinitely.

3rd. Various expenses and other issues raised from both sides to be decided by the Federation Code of Conduct and league’s regulation.

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